Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is a surgical technique whereby the breast is reconstructed to mimic the original breast. Reconstructive breast surgery is commonly performed after removing a breast cancer.

Other cases where reconstruction is carried out include:

- congenital breast defects

- asymmetrical breasts

- trauma induced damage to the breast

- failure of breast implant surgery

Breast reconstruction can be done in several ways. Breast reconstruction has become a major method of restoring a breast back to its normal shape and size following a mastectomy.

Despite the fact that reconstructive breast surgery is highly technically refined, the results are very variable and not all individuals have the same result.

In the majority of cases, the reconstructed breast has many areas of numbness and this feeing is permanent in most cases. Some individuals may develop an extremely hypersensitive nipple- even the slightest touch will cause pain.

Unlike breast implant surgery, reconstructive surgery has a number of conspicuous surgical incisions. Some of these may be from the previous mastectomy.

In some cases of breast reconstruction, only one breast is built up. To make the other breast look similar, a breast lift, breast implant or breast augmentation may be required.

Although breast reconstructive surgery is generally a safe procedure, some side effects and complications are inevitable.

Beast reconstructive surgery is an elective produce and one should never be rushed into it.

Discuss all you options and the possible side effects with the surgeon

The possible risks of breast reconstructive surgery include:

- bleeding

- infection

- failure of the skin to heal

- risks of anesthesia

- numbness

- asymmetry of the breast

- pain

Breast reconstructive surgery is done as an outpatient procedure and thus one should have a family member available to drive you home afterwards.

The procedure may take anywhere from 2-4 hours and requires general anesthesia. In some cases, an overnight stay in the hospital may be required

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