Breast Reduction Surgery

Despite being bigger, it is not always better or beautiful. Many women go through agony over large breasts. Large breasts are not always glamorous and many women will complain of being ridiculed as sex objects.

Today, breast reduction is an option for many of these women. The surgery is simple and straightforward. Estimates from the American Society of plastic surgery indicate that close to 100,000 women each year undergo breast reduction surgery.

The majority of women who undergo breast reduction surgery are the ones with large heavy breast. Besides having large breasts, the majority of females will complain of one or more of the following symptoms:

- constant neck pain

- constant back pain

- pain and deep grooves from the bra straps

- a poor posture

- inability to take part in exercise, sports

- being ridiculed

- treated poorly by both males and females

- skin rash under the breast creases

- low self esteem and confidence

- social isolation

- difficulty finding the appropriate clothes or bra wear

Even though breast reduction can be done at any age, it is recommended one wait until one is at least 22 years of age. At this age, the breasts have stopped growing. Only in the very rare case is breast reduction performed in teenagers. This is only done when there is severe emotional and social distress at school from having too large breasts

Another common reason to delay breast reduction is child bearing. It is best to have a child first and then have the surgery. The pregnancy can leads to sagging and more breast growth. Further, breast feeding after surgery can also be difficult

Before having breast reduction surgery, it is important to discuss the following with your plastic surgeon:

- the details of the procedure

- how much breast tissue will be removed

- before and after care

- the cost of surgery

- discuss the possible side effects and complications of the surgery

- understand a little about nipple position during surgery

- type of anesthesia and who will administer it

- where the procedure will be done- in a hospital or a clinic

In the final analysis, finding a decent surgeon with experience in breast surgery is important in obtaining a good result

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