Cosmetic Surgery in Pennsylvania

If you're considering cosmetic surgery and you live in the Pennsylvania area, there is a surgeon in your area who can assist you with the cosmetic procedures that you desire.

Some Types of Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Include:

Breast Augmentation - if you want to reshape your bust line to have that beautiful silhouette that you've always dreamed of, then a breast augmentation may be just what the doctor ordered.

Rhinoplasty - the primary focus on any face is the nose, by narrowing the bridge, removing the ridges, and sculpting the tip with rhinoplasty surgery can improve your appearance as well as enhancing your surrounding features.

Face Lift - is aging cause your face to sag? Do you look tired and worn out all the time? Then you can enhance your natural beauty and look young and refreshed with a face lift.

Tummy tuck - have you lost a lot of weight, but still don't have the body that you hoped for? Then a tummy tuck can help to tone, tighten, and transform you body in to figure that could literally stop traffic!


Schedule an initial consultation with a cosmetic surgeon in the St. Louis area. This will help you to begin to develop a relationship between you and your surgeon and can help you to understand what is available and what the optimal results will be. You will have a better understanding of the expected outcome of cosmetic surgery, which can vary from person to person, and the surgeon has an opportunity to determine if you have a realistic goal and are properly motivated for surgery. Some cosmetic surgeons will be able to provide you with photo imaging so that you can view on a split screen a simulated, electronically generated postoperative result, and compare this to the preoperative image.

Recovery time for each procedure varies. For specific recovery information you will need to ask your surgeon, but in general the following apply:


Apply ice packs or compresses to minimize swelling

Do not take aspirin or anti-inflammatory medications

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, use a sunblock with a minimum 15 SPF to protect your skin

Keep all of your follow-up appointments to reduce complications.

Your first follow-up visit your bandages will be removed. Stitches that are not absorbable will be removed 3-10 days after your surgery. You will be able to return to work 3 days to 3 weeks following your surgery and you can start exercising 2 weeks after facial surgery and 4 weeks after body work. These are general guidelines. You should consult with your surgeon, because he or she knows your situation best.

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