Costs Of Facelift Surgery

Face lift surgery is by no means cheap. There are numerous variations of facelift surgery and they are vary in price. The price varies greatly from State to State and is dependent on the reputation of the surgeon, his/her location and experience.

The average price for a face lift starts at $ 5000 and can be as high as $25,000. In most cases, there are additional fees, like the cost for anesthesia, the hospital fees, consultation fees and x rays. When face lifts are done in a hospital compared to a physician's clinic, the cost is always higher. There are always additional fees which usually show up in the final bill

In the USA, face lifts generally are more expensive in the NE and West coast. Despite the fact that California has a lot of cosmetic surgeons, the price of face lifts is not cheap.

The cost of face lifts is cheapest in the central and mid Atlantic states.

The cost of face lift depends on the extent of the procedure. Below are some of the listed costs for the different face lifts:

Minor face lift can cost anywhere from $ 4000-8000

Extensive or full face lifts usually cost anywhere from $ 15,000- 25,000

The Classic standard face lift can range anywhere from $ 5000- 8000

Mid face lift can cost anywhere from $ 4000-10,000

Lower face lift can cost $4000-10,000

Mini Face lift $ 4000-7000

Thread lift $ 2000-6000

When additional procedures are done with a face lift, the cost can be much higher. Common procedures which are combined with a face lift include:

- eyelid surgery

- brow lift surgery

- liposuction

- dermabrasion

- microdermabrasion

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