Dry Lips Treatment

Dry lips have a very characteristic appearance and the diagnosis is simply made by looking at the lips. Most individuals who develop dry lips will complain of:

- excessive dryness

- tenderness which may worsen when eating

- cracking of the lips which is most common along the corners of the mouth

- peeling of the skin

- ulcers on the lips

- pain

- extreme sensitivity to either hot or cold liquids or food

Treating Chapped Lips

The treatment of dry lips is simple and requires a common sense approach. In most cases, one does not need to see a physician and self care remedies will reverse the condition.

There are numerous non prescription products in most pharmacies that can help you cure the condition. The essence of dry lip treatment is based on:

- lips protectants

- moisturizers

- pain relievers

- Sunscreens

There are 100s of moisturizers which one can use. There is no difference which one you select as along as the moisturizer is oil based. Even the cheapest oil based moisturizers work just as well as the most expensive creams.

Some moisturizers have menthol as an ingredient. Menthol is well known to give a cooling and a soothing feeling to the lips. Other lip moisturizers may contain camphor. This chemical may help relieve pain.

Select a lip moisturizer which contains beeswax or petrolatum. These oil based lip balms and creams are the most efficient at treating dry lips

Today, lip products have become fancier and have varied names with exotic chemicals in them. Some contain cocoa butter and lanolin. There is no difference whether you use cocoa butter or petrolatum jelly to cover your lips. More expensive is not always better, but is almost always more expensive

It is important to apply these lip balms regularly and frequently if one has chapped lips.

Simple home remedies to treat dry lips include:

- avoiding the sun

- keep well hydrated

- use a lip balm

- wear a lip sunscreen

- avoid smoking

- keep the home humidified

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