Facelifts Facts

What You Need to Know About Facelift?

Facelift is a very common cosmetic procedure performed in the USA. It is also known as rhytidectomy.

More than a billion dollars are spent annually by individuals to improve the facial features and each year both the numbers of individuals wanting the procedure and the amount of money spent is increasing.

The major aim of facelift surgery is to treat the facial skin sagging and loose tone.

When done well, the benefits of facelift surgery may last anywhere from 8-10 years

The Procedure

There are numerous versions of facelift surgery. The common variations of the procedure include:

Deep plane lift
: The deep plane facelift treats the underlying tissue layer or layers and muscles to provide the longest facial rejuvenation benefit. The procedure can greatly improve the appearance of the face for older patients who wish to see a dramatic change.

Composite lift: The skin lift is signified by lifting and repositioning the surface skin layer in patients who request a less significant change in the appearance of the face.

Mini lift: The mini-facelift term has been used to describe the least invasive approach that provides for a more temporary solution in younger patients who are not yet true facelift candidates.

Individuals may also hear the term S-Lift, which describes the type of incision that is used in the procedures. This incision starts at the base of the sideburn and continues on the inside of the ear to form an S shape.

Subperiosteal lift: This less invasive facelift is also known as the Subperiosteal lift. The tissue on the bone is lifted in patients who require an actual change in facial appearance, including areas of the face that facial implants must be used for.

Scar lift: A short scar facelift is used to describe the short length of the scar. A full scar facelift is used to describe the longer scar. This type of face lift achieves all the goals of any face lift, though they are achieved with less scarring. The short scar face lift also allows for a more vertical face lift with intense focus around the cheek.

Thread lift: In this procedure, special thread with hooks engage the loose skin and pull the tissues, thus providing an immediate aesthetic looking face.

Furthermore, there is also the isolated midfacial lift which addresses the deeper tissues and is more appropriate for patients with more facial aging in the cheek area.

Only a consultation with a surgeon will delineate which one of these procedures you are the best candidate for.

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