Facts About Lip Augmentation

As we age the lips thin and begin to sag. The sagging also causes uneven symmetry of the lips. Today, there are some lip procedures which can help restore the beauty of the lips, make them luscious, plump and younger looking.

All lip procedures are best performed with a local anesthetic and this allows the surgeon to continuously observe the effects of surgery. The ability for the patient to move the lips during surgery is a great advantage.

When lip surgery is done under general anesthesia, the lips tend to become flaccid and achieving symmetry can sometimes be difficult.

After every lip procedure, swelling is common and initially the lips may look gross and over filled.

However, after the procedure application of ice is highly recommended to decrease the swelling.

All individuals who undergo lip augmentation must have a realistic expectation.

Before one undergoes a permanent lip implantation, it is important that one have an idea what a temporary filler looks like. Once a permanent implant has been inserted, it is difficult to remove it

After surgery, the lips usually remain swollen for 4-6 weeks. Over times, the swelling will decrease and the lip augmentation will become stable

Like the nose, lip reduction is sometimes done to beautify the lips

For temporary lip augmentation, collagen is an excellent dermal filler. The duration of the implant is a function of the specific type of collagen used. Besides the type of collagen the injection site is also important. Different individuals have different responses.

Softer and fuller lips are best obtained after injections with hyaluronic acid derivatives

Both Hylaform and Restylane last longer but have a firmer feel in the lips.

For those into tattooing, this should be performed first before the collagen injections

Other temporary implants

Many reports describe the use of patients' own harvested fat, fascia, or dermis. However, human collagen and autologous implants of dermis, fat, or fascia are prone to resorption, and they often require an additional incision from the donor site. Augmentation with fat requires multiple procedures because of its relatively quick disappearance.

Despite what the physicians claim, lip augmentation with collagen is painful

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