Hair Removal Facts

Removing unwanted hair is a major past time occupation for many individuals. Every day newer treatments are being reported on the internet about the best method to remove hair.

To date, hair removal from some part of the body is a concern for most individuals ? both men and women. Women want the hair out from their face, legs, arms, bikini line or groin. Men want hair on their scalp but would like to get rid of hair from everywhere else.

Unfortunately, except for electrolysis, there is no other permanent method of hair removal. The other traditional methods of hair removal include:

- plucking

- waxing

- laser

- shaving

- depilatory creams

- drugs like Vaniqa

The majority of individuals use a combination of methods as there is no ideal way to remove hair. Electrolysis may be permanent but it is painful, time consuming and expensive.

Men typically want hair removed from

- eyebrows

- ears

- shoulders

- legs

Women want hair removed from

- lip

- chin

- eyebrows

- neck

- bikini line

- abdomen

- breasts

- forearms

- Underarms

Hair removal is costly business and billions of dollars are spent annually by both men and women.

The home methods like shaving, plucking, and use of wax cost anywhere from $ 5-50.

Laser hair removal can cost 1000s of dollars and this is not permanent.

Electrolysis is permanent but is painful and costs anywhere from $ 200- 5000 depending on how much hair being removed.

There are some methods of hair removal which are too dangerous for health and not used any more. This includes the use of x rays and photo therapy.

Methods which are frequently marketed for hair removal but do not work include:

- use of electrical tweezers

- home portable electrolysis devices

- use of microwaves

- nutrients, vitamins and other minerals

- herbs

- non prescription medications

The hair industry is full of charlatans promising a lot but delivering a little. If you have excess hair and want it removed, discuss this with your physician. In the end you will not only save your money but avoid the agony of dealing with fraudulent products/people

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