Hair Removal with Vaniqa

Eflornithine hydrochloride (vaniqa) is a newer drug which is known to inhibit an enzyme that diminishes hair growth. Numerous animal studies have revealed that the drug can decrease the rate of hair growth in animals and thus it is now approved for use in humans.

The drug was originally manufactured to treat a tropical parasitic disease (trypansomiasis) in Africa and has been found to be very effective in killing the parasite. It was observed that some of the individuals who were treated with the drug developed hair loss as a side effect.

This serendipitous finding was not lost to the Drug Company, who quickly commercialized this property for use as a hair loss product.

The drug most likely works by delaying hair growth and does not completely prevent hair. The medicine has to be applied for at least 2 months before one may see any improvement. Hair growth does return once you stop applying the drug.

The drug is applied topically on the skin twice a day. It is only recommended for use on the face and neck

Side effects of Vaniqa include:

- acne

- folliculitis

- itching

- dryness

The drug does not work in all individuals and current estimates indicate that less than 60% of women will show some improvement. The drug may be most effective in postmenopausal women.

Vaniqa is not recommended for use

- in men

- in pregnant or breast feeding females

- in young females less than 16

- around the nose, eyes or mouth

- on ulcerated or broken down skin

- on infected skin


Despite a lot of hype about this drug, many individuals show little response to the drug.

Today, there are many sites on the Internet selling the product online. Despite the fact that a prescription is required, the drug is available online without a physician consult. Buying a product online from an unknown dealer means you are risking buying an unknown or fake product. Buyer beware.

Final Advice

This topical drug is expensive and there is absolutely no guarantee that it works. There are other methods of hair removal which are more effective, cheaper and with guaranteed results.

Think before you waste your money on a product which "may not" work- and chances are that it won't.

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