How To Get Rid of Double Chin

If you have a double chin, excessive fat at the bottom of your face, you can get rid of it by a cosmetic surgery technique called liposuction. Liposuction is usually performed under local anesthesia and sedation. Correction of a double chin is either performed as a cosmetic treatment the same time as a face lift or can be done alone.

The Procedure

The skin incisions that at one time were extremely long when you had liposuction are a thing of the past, now they are very tiny and heal quickly. Small incisions are possible because newer liposuction instruments have become quite miniscule in diameter. In addition, most, or even all, of the incisions are placed where they are very difficult to spot. The liposuction instrument is called a cannula. For chin and neck liposuction, the cannula is usually less than 2mm in diameter which means that is not much larger than the lead from a #2 pencil that your child uses in school.

A local anesthetic is used with tumescent technique liposuction and there is very little bleeding as well as less trauma to the tissues. Recovery is very rapid after eliminating a double chin when tumescent technique liposuction is used. So, this technique has become the treatment of choice for eliminating double chin, that is, deposits of fat under the chin.

If you decided to have chin liposuction surgery, afterwards, you will need to take 2-3 days off work. But you should have no problem participating in light to moderate activity during that time. There is minimal to moderate swelling and bruising which quickly dissipates.

After liposuction for double chin, a special garment is worn for a few days. It is an elastic strap, kind of like an enlarged chin strap. The purpose of the garment is to provide a little gentle pressure for a few days. After that, no special care is required.

In younger patients with more elastic skin, this procedure can sometimes replace a surgical face lift. There are several potential complications associated with this procedure that should be discussed with your cosmetic surgeon before your procedure.

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