Laser Mole Removal

Laser is used to treat many skin disorders and now it is being applied to remove moles. The laser can generate a bean of light which heats up the mole and destroys it. The heat energy generate by the laser is absorbed by the mole which results in fragmentation of the mole.

Laser is only useful for the very new and flat moles. It is not useful for the lager and deeper moles.

All individuals with large, deeply penetrated and older moles should not undergo laser for removal.

Laser essentially generated heat energy which destroys the mole. The procedure is definitely painful and the skin must be numbed by a local anesthetic prior to the procedure.

After the laser treatment, the treated area becomes dark and forms a scab. The scab then falls off within 2-3 weeks. All individuals who undergo laser therapy must wear a sunscreen for the next 4-6 weeks to avoid skin discoloration

Laser does have a few side effects which include:

- Pain

- Infection

- skin discoloration

- scarring

- bleeding

In generally, anyone with a mole should think twice before undergoing laser therapy to remove a mole. The laser is only useful for the smallest flat moles and these are very rare. Multiple sessions are required and the cost may vary person anywhere from $50-200 and above.

Laser is also expensive and also painful.

Final Advice. Lasers are not useful for the deeper moles.

Lasers are a waste of money and time when it comes to mole removal. There are other more effective, cheaper and less painful ways to remove moles compared to laser.

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