With liposculpture, all the deep fat is removed, then using a laser, your surgeon will meticulously reshape the superficial layer of fat, removing as much fat as necessary to bring the problem areas into proportion with your surrounding thinner areas. Because of the advanced technological capabilities of the laser, your surgeon will be able to remove fat much closer to the skin than was possible with the traditional Liposuction techniques.

With liposculpture surgery, your surgeon will make a tiny ᆲ inch incision through your skin, a tiny tube is placed through the skin opening to loosen the fat cells, and then the fat is removed by strong suction. With this procedure there is minimal scarring and a much more rapid recovery.

Facial Sculpturing

With facial sculpturing, your surgeon makes tiny incisions in your skin where a metal fat extractor is passed just underneath the skin to remove the fat in the chin, neck, and/or jowl areas. Pressure is applied to the site once the fat is removed and usually there is no visible scarring. Because of the advanced healing power of the laser, you will be able to appear in public within one week of your liposculpture with no visible signs of surgery.

Your recovery period is less than one week depending on the extent of your surgery and you will experience relatively little pain. You will notice only minimal bruising; mild pain which can normally be treated with an over-the-counter pain medication, but your surgeon will provide you with a prescription pain reliever if necessary. You should notice immediate results.

Liposculpture can also be performed on:

• Abdomen

• Waist

• Hips

• Thighs

• Buttocks

• Love Handles

• Knees

• Arms

• Face and Neck (Cheeks, Neck and Jowls)

For further information about liposculpture options, contact a cosmetic surgeon in your area. An experienced surgeon can help you explore all of your options and determine whether you are a suitable candidate for the procedure that interests you.

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