Male Neck Lift

A neck lift with chin liposuction for men is performed to remove excess fat beneath the chin and tighten loose skin in the neck. A less invasive alternative to a facelift, the procedure can produce dramatic results if your chin and/or neck have sagged with age or after weight loss

A man's skin is thicker and less elastic than a woman's, and therefore doesn't retract as well when fat is removed. Also, a man's neck muscles have frequently descended into the neck. The muscle needs to be repaired when the fat is removed or the guy will be left with turkey goblet bands. A submental neck lift addresses both problems, fat and muscles, for a clean jaw line and neck. This is not to say that on some men, liposuction alone is not effective. Older men or men who have lost significant weight, however, will require a facelift.

Benefits Of A Neck Lift

• Smoothes and tightens skin in the neck area

• Removes fat accumulation under the chin

• Can be done with a face lift if necessary

• Prevents future muscle sagging

• Creates a more youthful appearance

If you are in good health, can set realistic goals, and are concerned with those vertical bands and excess fat in the neck area, then a cosmetic surgeon can help to restore what time has taken away.

The Procedure

Through a small incision made under the chin, the muscles are pulled together and stitched at the midline of the neck. Then the back portion of these muscles are tightened and stitched in the back of and on both sides of the neck. This results in a strong "sling" of muscle which will support the jaw and help prevent further, future sagging. Liposuction is performed through this same incision, at the same time, allowing for the removal of excess fatty tissue. The incision site is then closed. The surgery usually lasts between 1-2 hours.

Complications and Risks of Neck-lift

Numbness of the skin occurs often for a few weeks after neck-lift surgery. In rare instances, this condition can be permanent. Other risks include excess scar tissue build up or bruising and puckering of the skin.

With any cosmetic procedure, there is always the possibility of risks. A neck lift may involve multiple procedures, so, there is an increased risk. The most common risk for any cosmetic procedure is allergic reaction to the anesthesia and infection. Another potential complication is accumulation of blood under the skin called a hematoma. Excessive scar tissue is another possible cause for concern, however, scar revision procedures can help. These risks can be reduced if you follow your surgeon's pre-op and post-op instructions.

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