Newport Beach Smart Lipo

With liposculpture, all the deep fat is removed, then using a laser, your surgeon will meticulously reshape the superficial layer of fat, removing as much fat as necessary to bring the problem areas into proportion with your surrounding thinner areas. Because of the advanced technological capabilities of Smart Lipo and its laser system, your surgeon will be able to remove fat much closer to the skin than was possible with the traditional Liposuction techniques. Talk to a plastic surgeon in the Newport Beach area about your goals and expectations, and to determine if you would be a good candidate for Smartlipo.

The Procedure

With liposculpture surgery, your surgeon will make a tiny ᆲ inch incision through your skin, a tiny tube is placed through the skin opening to loosen the fat cells, and then the fat is removed by strong suction. With this procedure there is minimal scarring and a much more rapid recovery.

Liposculpture can also be performed on:

• Abdomen

• Waist

• Hips

• Thighs

• Buttocks

• Love Handles

• Knees

• Arms

• Face and Neck (Cheeks, Neck and Jowls)

There is no pain during the procedure. Your body may ache and you may experience a few pains that feel more like you've just finished a rigorous work out, but that's about it. Bruising is minimal. It's difficult to find the incision sites or even tell by looking at the skin that liposuction has been done after about 3 months.

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