Orange County Laser Resurfacing

There are numerous physicians and other health care professionals in Orange County who perform laser resurfacing. In the last 2 decades, lasers have revolutionized the treatment of many skin disorders.

All lasers generate high energy beams which are used to treat fine lines, scars, wrinkles, sun spots, spider veins and other skin irregularities

The two sub classes of laser are ablative and non ablative. Ablative lasers are frequently used in the treatment of skin rejuvenation and are today considered the gold standard against which other therapies are measured against. The non ablative lasers are new and besides removing the dead skin are known to stimulate the synthesis of collagen. However, non ablative lasers require a prolonged course of treatment and have the potential to cause serious problems if mishandled.

Laser skin resurfacing is appropriate for individuals who have sun damaged skin, individuals with wrinkles, acne scars, skin discoloration and fine lines but it does not do much for the deep skin scars.

The laser rejuvenation is an excellent method to treat wrinkles. The laser is more precise and the results are much better than chemical peels or dermabrasion.

The laser beam when activated does sting and most individuals require some type of anesthesia. The physician may apply a local anesthetic prior to the procedure. In addition, most recent lasers have a cooling tip which diminishes the sensation of pain.

Laser resurfacing does take some time to accomplish. A partial facial skin resurfacing can take 30-45 minutes; a full resurfacing can take up to two hours.

After the laser therapy, a few common side effects include

- Swelling around the area

- Rough skin sensation

- Redness round the area

These side effects are easily tolerated. The majority of these side effects resolve over the next 4-7 days after the procedure. The rough skin texture slowly diminishes and over a few months, the skin does become smooth. Because of the moderate facial swelling, most individuals are not able to resume work or exercises for a few days.

Laser skin rejuvenation procedure is strictly cosmetic and thus not covered by any medical insurance company or Medicare.

Because the cost of the procedure is moderately expensive, most physicians in Orange County can help you with a financial plan so that the procedure can be affordable

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