Orlando Laser Hair Removal

For those individuals who are seeking for a more semi permanent method of hair removal, Orlando has numerous spas and cosmetic clinics which now offer the latest in laser therapy.

Current lasers can remove hair from most parts of the body. Laser hair removal is suitable for both men and women

Because the laser beam can damage the eyes, hair removal is never done around this part of the body. During the laser treatment, eyes are infact covered with special glasses

Laser does not permanently remove hair. However, the hair removal does last a lot longer than the traditional methods like shaving, waxing or bleaching. The laser hair removal may last anywhere from a few months to several years. However, multiple treatments are usually required to maintain the hair free look

The reason why the results of laser hair removal are variable because the technique depends on several factors such as the:

- type of hair an individual has

- skin type

- color of hair

Laser hair removal has the best results in individuals with dark hair and fair or light skin.

When the laser hair removal is done on dark skinned individuals, there is always some variability and the results can not always be predicted.

Because dark colored hair absorbs most of the laser energy, it is fairly easy to treat.

Hair which is blonde, or light colored or red usually contain a pigment that absorbs the lasers energy and thus the laser fails to work effectively

Most spas and clinics in the Orlando area use a variety of lasers to remove hair. Besides the lasers, there are now available intense pulse light systems which resemble lasers and work very effectively in individuals with light-skin and dark hairs.

The newer Nd: YAG lasers have a longer wavelength and are suitable for treatment for dark skinned individuals.

The effects of laser therapy are not immediate and most individuals start to see hair loss at around 2-4 weeks. The amount of hair loss is very variable and ranges from 40-80%.

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