Seek The Best Plastic Surgeon

There are many health care professionals who are into the cosmetic surgery business. There is money to be made and it is open season. Many cosmetic surgeons do a great job, but unfortunately, there are just as many who are mediocre.

To get the best surgeon to perform your plastic surgery, you should

1. Verify first if the physician is licensed to practice medicine in your state. Almost every State Medical Board has a web page and one can easily heck up the licensure status of a physician.

2. Check if your plastic surgeon is board certified in plastic surgery. The American Board of Plastic surgery has a web page ( or you may telephone them at 1 866 ASKABMS

3. Check if your surgeon has had any malpractice or disciplinary actions. Some of this information may be available from the licensing board but in most cases, the data is confidential and not always available to the public

4. Talk to colleagues and friends, or ask a referral to a former patient. Does your own background check on the surgeon. The point is not to become paranoid but being careful will never hurt you in the long run

5. Ask your surgeon if he carries malpractice insurance. Most physicians do. There is no law that physicians have to carry malpractice insurance. Most physicians in the US have to carry malpractice insurance to work in a hospital but in private practice no such rules hold

6. Ask to see before and after photos of patients.

7. do not be shy to ask questions

8. Never rush into surgery. The majority of cosmetic and plastic procedures are strictly elective and the procedure can be done anytime. If ever a surgeon tries to rush you into a procedure, just walk away.

9. If ever in doubt about the surgeon or the procedure, seek a second opinion

10. Be informed about the procedure, read about it. Today, the internet has more than enough information to provide you with most basic information

11. Ask the costs and get them in writing. Determine what will happen if there is a complication and who will pay for the extra costs for more surgery or care?

12. Ask about the side effects after the surgery and possible complications. If the surgeon says he/she has never had a complication, either he/she has never done enough surgeries or he/she is dishonest

13. Ask if the surgeon has hospital privileges. This is very important for you as a patient just in case something goes wrong and you require admission to a hospital. There have been a number of cases where the physicians have put up patients in hotels for the night (crazy but true)

14. Know what type of anesthesia you will be administered and who will administer it. There are many surgeons who take short cuts (to save money) and get poorly trained health care professionals to administer the anesthesia. Accidental anesthesia overdose is not unheard off in the plastic surgeon's office

15. Ask to see where the surgeon will perform the procedure. Anyone who is willing to fork out thousands of dollars should see where he/she will be operated. Just a routine inspection and a discussion with the nurse will immediately tell you if it the right place for you

16. Never be taken in by a smooth talking surgeon.

17. There is no harm in being informed and asking. If you are not happy with the answers than you should seek another surgeon.

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