Sin Ecch

Many facial cosmetic procedures are associated with post operative swelling and bruising. These side effects increase the downtime and most patients need a longer recovery period. In addition, the swelling and bruising also limit the individual from going outside the confines of the home. Now there is a product known as Sin Ecch. This novel herbal product has been touted to reduce the bruising and swelling after many facial procures, especially face lift surgery.

Sin Ecch is a herb grown in Europe and for centuries has been used by the local population to limit the swelling and bruising after both minor and major trauma .

The product is now available in the USA and often used by cosmetic surgeons. The herb is taken by mouth and the few isolated reports indicate that it does decrease the swelling and bruising that are common after a face lift procedure.

The product is sold over the counter in herbal stores and does not require a prescription. Despite the hype surrounding it by the manufacturers', one should keep in mind that there are no proper clinical data which have documented its safety, effectiveness and potential complications. All the reports are anecdotal and unproven scientifically.

One package of the natural Homeopathic Remedy SinEcch? ( Arnica Montana) contains 12 capsules and is designed to treat one patient for one surgery. The capsules are taken three times a day for four days, starting the day of surgery.

One package of SinEcch? is $29.95 plus the shipping charge. Sounds like another Buyer Beware Story

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