The Titan Procedure

Titan is a newer cosmetic procedure designed to tighten the skin and erase the fine lines and wrinkles on the face.

The procedure involves application of infra red energy rays into the skin. These rays generate a certain amount of heat energy which gel up the collagen in the lower layers of the skin.

This non-invasive procedure protects the skin surface by continuous contact cooling while the infrared light heats the deep layers of the skin. The procedure has almost no down time and is essentially pain free. When the Titan infra red beam is activated there is minimal pain but you will definitely sense some heat and warmth.

By gelling the collagen, the skin starts to tighten and is lifted upwards. The results of Titan are not immediate but develop occur slowly over the ensuing weeks and the final result is more obvious at the end of 2-3 months

Most individuals do not require any topical anesthetic during the procedure. The hand held device also has a cooling tip which protects the skin and decreases the sensation of pain. The majority of individuals require at least 2-3 treatments spaced 3-4 weeks apart

When performed by physicians, most individuals have noticed the disappearance of the fine and deep lines on the face. The new skin is much younger and youthful looking. Unfortunately Titan is not a permanent procedure. The results only last a few years and repeat treatments are required to maintain the cosmetic effect

Today titan has been used to treat wrinkles on the

- forehead

- the lower face

- chin

- under the eyes

- back of the hands

- abdomen

- around the knees

- Breasts.

Titan is generally a safe procedure but it does have a few minor side effects. These include some redness and swelling for the first few hours after the procedure. The bruising usually disappears over the next few days. Some individuals may develop a recurrent herpes infection.

Like the laser, there is no down time associated with the procedure and recovery is rapid. The Titan procedure can usually be accomplished within 30-60 minutes. Work and other normal activities can be resumed immediately after the procedure.

Titan is generally best for individuals past their 4th decade of life. Most individuals below this age rarely have wrinkles or lines.

Titan does not produce good results in individuals who have sagging skin and in those who have lost their skin elasticity.

The advantage of the Titan over other skin resurfacing techniques is that it evenly treats the wrinkles and maintains the contour and texture of the skin.

There are no prior preparations required prior to the Titan procedure. However, individuals who use Vitamin A related medications like the retinoids should stop their use at least 4 weeks prior. Further one should avoid a suntan and sun tanning booths at least 4 weeks prior to the procedure. Those individuals who take blood thinners should discuss with the physician when is the best time to stop them.

Pregnant females and those with open sores or ulcers on the skin are not candidates for the Titan

After the procedure, it is highly recommended that one wear a sunscreen

Rare complications
after the procedure may be:

- Scar

- Pigmentation of the skin

- Nerve damage

- Skin indentations

- Skin burns

Average cost of Titan procedure is $500-$1500 per session depending on the surface area.

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