Complications Of Breast Lift Surgery

When breast lift surgery is done well, the results are pleasing and most individuals are glad that they had the procedure done. However, like any procedure, breast lift surgery also has the potential to cause some complications. These rare complications include:

- risk from anesthetic drugs.

- Breast unevenness frequently occurs. In most cases this is very mild and acceptable. Large deviations between the two breast usually requires repeat surgery

- The breast is a very vascular structure and bleeding can and does occur. When the bleeding is severe, repeat surgery is often required to control the blood vessels. Sometimes the blood may collect in one part of the breast and evacuation is required with either aspiration with a needle or surgery

- Sometimes, the breast lift surgery fails and drooping of the breast occurs. This is most common in the first week, usually from a broken of loose stitch. Any trauma or premature exercise can lead to weakening of the stitches.

- Infections are rare but can occur. The majority of infection are easily treated with antibiotics. the infections usually occur along the incision line.

- Scarring can occur and this is more common in individuals with dark skin. Premature sun tanning can worsen the scar.

- Keloids. These very unattractive scars after surgery are very difficult to treat. They are most common in dark skin and oriental females.

- Numbness: Many women complain of numbness around the nipple after breast lift surgery. In some cases, the numbness resolves after a few months. In others it is permanent

- The rare female may complain of excruciating pain after a breast lift. The reason for this is unknown. The pain usually persists for some time and is unresponsive to the typical pain medications.

- Sometimes, the skin incisions do not rapidly heal. This is most common in smokers. It is very important to stop smoking at least 4 weeks prior to a breast lift procedure.

- Swelling: Swelling is a transient complication of breast lift surgery. The swelling usually subsides in 7-10 days

The majority of these side effects resolve rapidly. Complications when they do occur often require repeat surgery to correct the problem.

When a breast lift is combined with a breast implant, there are other complications associated with the implant itself that may occur.

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