Double Bubble After Breast Implants

Breast implants are not complication free. However, complications are rare. Among the few complications that can occur after a breast implant is the double bubble.

This gives an appearance of two "breasts" on one side. The condition may be mild or may be obvious.

In some cases, after a breast implant which has been placed behind the chest muscles (submuscular), there will be an appearance of a double bubble. Double bubble generally occurs in women who have sagging breasts. The sagging causes the breast tissue to lump lower down and the breast implant then protrudes from the back of the chest muscle giving an impression of two bubbles.

This complication is seen either soon after the surgery or may be delayed in many cases. The breast sagging is common after a pregnancy or weight gain and the double bubble sign appears.

In most cases, the individual is not always aware of the condition when it is mild. The condition is easily recognized by the surgeon

Double bubble can be avoided by not placing an implant behind the chest muscles in women with saggy breast. It is hard to known beforehand which women will develop sagging but often a physical exam prior to surgery will give some clue to the surgeon.

Thus it is important to have a decent physical examination prior to a breast implant. Any hint that the breast tissues will sag should be a clue that a double bubble can occur after the implant is placed behind the chest muscles.

In most cases, a repeat surgery is required to correct this complication.

The breast implant when placed infront of the muscles can fill up the volume in the sagging breast and prevent the double bubble sign

Sometimes, it is best to combine a breast lift with a submuscular implant to prevent the double bubble sign

Once the double bubble has appeared, the only choice to correct the complication is repeat surgery. The two options for surgery include

- Reoperate and add a breast lift to reduce the sagging in the breast and leave the submuscular implant behind

- remove the submuscular implant and place it infront of the muscles. This will help fill up the tissues and decrease the sagging

Anytime repeat surgery is done to correct a cosmetic problem, many individuals remain unsatisfied with the results.

Once the surgery is completed, the majority of women remain paranoid that the complication will occur again.

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