Incisions For Breast Implants

Breast Implants can be either have a smooth or textured surface. Smooth implants are believed by many surgeons and patients to be more natural in appearance and feel natural to touch.

When a smooth textured implant is placed, the implant is freely able to move in the pocket. The implants feels natural and has a smooth outline. Smooth surfaces implants has less rippling effects that the rough textured implants. The textured implants do stay in one place, are more firmer and have a lower incidence of capsular contraction

Incision Sites

Breast implants can be placed via a number of inciisons. These incisions have been developed so that the surgical scar is inconspicuous. The four most common surgical incisions for breast implant placement include:

- At the areola. The dark brown color of the areola hides an incision well. This is a common area from where the implant is placed. Its major drawback is that numbness of the nipple is common after the surgery. In some cases, the numbness is permanent.

- Along the lower crease of the breast. This is a favorite location for insertion of an implant. The breast crease always hides the incision well and the post operative pain is much less. The breast crease incision can also be easily hidden by a bra.

- Through the belly button. In some cases an implant is inserted by a small incision at the belly button. This requires the use of a camera. A small thin plastic tube is gradually tunneled from the umbilicus to the breast and the implant is inserted through it. The surgery is long and most surgeons prefer not to use this method of implant insertion.

- Through the armpit. In some women, a small incision along the crease of the arm pit is used to insert the implant into the breast area.

The choice of incision is dependent on the physician and the type of implant. Some silicone implants can not be placed via a small incision in the arm pit or belly button.

Implant Placement

In simple words, the implants can be placed on the breast tissue itself or behind the muscle. Placing an implant right onto the breast tissue is simple and a short procedure but the results are not always ideal.

The best results are obtained by placing the implant behind the chest muscles. The implant may be entirely or partially covered by the muscles.

When the breast implant is placed behind the chest muscles, there are usually fewer instances of complications and mammograms are easier to perform. When implants are placed infront of muscle (sub-glandular), insertion is faster, easier, and there is usually a shorter recovery period.

Other factors that determine the type of breast implant include:

- your sporting activities

- availability of skin for closure

- whether you are thin or heavy

The best person to decide what and where your breast implant should be placed is your surgeon.

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