In the last few years, another novel treatment to treat fat pockets and cellulite has been developed. LipoDissolve has been used in Europe for over 30 years and recently been introduced to North America. It is not a panacea for the treatment of fat and not everyone responds. The treatment basically consists of injections of detergent type chemicals into the fat pockets.

Unlike liposuction, this is a non surgical procedure which is used to treat isolated pockets of fat and cellulite.

LipoDissolve is thought to have the most benefit on fat pockets which appear resistant to exercise and diet.

The chief constituent of LipoDissolve is a detergent like substance known as phosphatidylcholine. The formulation consists of a mixture of detergent and vitamins which when injected dissolve the fat pockets.

Despite what is claimed, the results of LipoDissolve are not certain. Many individuals fail to respond and some have a variable response. The response is never 100%.

LipoDissolve is not for everyone. Individuals who should not undergo the treatment include:

- pregnant females

- females who are breast feeding

- individuals with cancers

- individuals with skin problems like infections

- individuals who are taking blood thinners

- individuals with allergies to eggs

- poorly controlled diabetics

It is claimed that LipoDissolve can reduce 2 cm of fat during each session. This requires an injection of a cup full of the chemical. This may not sound much but can cause moderate swelling and pain.

Not many individuals can tolerate injection of large amounts of fluid under their skin. This limiting factor is why the treatment is only used to treat localized pockets of fat collection.

Injection of LipoDissolve is painful. However, the physician can numb the site for you with a local anesthetic prior to the injections. The mild swelling, bruising and tenderness wear off over the next 5-10 days.

The majority of individuals can resume their daily living activities with 2-3 days.

A single session does not produce the required results and most individuals require anywhere from 2-4 treatment session. The treatment sessions are spaced over 6-8 weeks.

The final results of LipoDissolve are evident after 2-3 months.

LipoDissolve unfortunately does not work for everyone nor does it work in all parts of the body. A number of individuals fail to see any response and even those who do respond, the results are not 100%. Why some respond others do not is still not known.

LipoDissolve is only a temporary cure and maintenance treatments are required. Eating a healthy diet and regular exercises are highly recommended to keep the fat off.

The costs of LipoDissolve treatment are a fraction of the cost of liposuction but one has to remember, LipoDissolve does not guarantee the result like liposuction. LipoDissolve treatment can cost anywhere from $300 to $800 per area being treated.

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