LipoDissolve versus Mesotherapy

LipoDissolve is a relatively safe procedure. It involves the injection of naturally occurring chemicals into the body tissues. There is definitely some pain associated during the injections. However the pain is of mild to moderate intensity and rapidly subsides.

The most common side effects are:

- swelling

- tenderness

- bruising

The mild soreness and bruising usually dissipates in over 4-7 days.

Todate, no major side effects or complications have been observed with LipoDissolve.

After the injections, there is minimal downtime and most individuals can return to their normal activities within 1-2 days. When the LipoDissolve is injected around the face and neck area, the bruising may be obvious. This may take 7-10 days to subside. Camouflage with cosmetics can be used to hide the bruises and one can return to work sooner.

Today, LipoDissolve is performed by a number of cosmetic physicians. However, the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery is full of non health care professionals who are also clamoring for the cash business. So check into your physician's credentials and ask for his/her experience with the procedure.

A similar procedure to LipoDissolve is Mesotherapy. Mesotherapy is a slower process and requires the use of stronger chemicals. The procedure requires numerous sessions and is much more expensive than LipoDissolve.

LipoDissolve contains a standardized mixture of naturally occurring chemicals, requires smaller injections, fewer sessions and the response is much more rapid.

LipoDissolve is strictly a cosmetic procedure and not covered by any medical insurance carriers. Since you will be paying for the cost of the procedure, be informed, determine why you want the procedure and who you want do it for you.

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