Recovery After Breast Implants

Recovery after a breast implant is usually simple and straightforward. The pain is of mild to moderate intensity and can be relieved with pain prescription pills. In the next 48 hours after surgery, the pain is generally mild .

Breast swelling is common to some degree after a breast implant. Mild cases of swelling usually disappear within 2 weeks. Moderate degrees of breast swelling can persist for a month or so.

Breast noises.
One should not be alarmed if one hears or feels a sensation of noises from the breast implants. Sloshing and gurgling can occur within the first few weeks after surgery. The loudness may be variable. In most cases, there must be absolute silence to hear these noises. it is very unlikely that the sounds can be heard in the across a room and it takes great effort to hear them These breast sounds are completely harmless and transient. The noises do not signify breast implant rupture or leak.

After the first 24 hours, one can start walking and moving the arm,. There is no reason why one can't use the hands to wash, dress or eat. However, all forceful activities that involve lifting, pushing or pulling should be avoided for at least 4-6 weeks after surgery.

Showering is permitted after the first 48 hours. Once the dressing around the breast is removed one should wear an elastic support bra for 1-3 weeks.

Asides from the surgery, recovery is greatly dependent on the individual. Women who are physically active and work, generally are eager to get out of the house and resume their daily activities.

In most cases, the average recovery period ranges from 3-7 days.

In general, recovery is much faster when the breast implants have been placed above the chest muscles.

When the breast implants are placed behind the muscles, the surgery is slightly more extensive and thus the recovery is slow. There is a moderate amount of pain and muscle spasms in the arms are not uncommon after this procedure. Many patients require strong pain medications for the first 24 hours and an overnight hospital stay is highly recommended.

When the breast implant is introduced via the navel, the recovery is the fastest. The pain is mild and even the bruising is much less. However, only saline implants can be placed via the navel.

Most women who undergo breast implants via this technique are able to return back to work in a few days and resume their daily living activities in 2-3 weeks

Sports and other activities are gradually undertaken after the first 4-6 weeks after surgery. One should never rush into aggressive sports as any trauma to the chest can lead to damage to the implants.

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