Spectrum Breast Implant

The spectrum breast implant is now widely available for use in North America. The implant is designed in a way that it allows the surgeon to increase or decrease the volume of the breast implant in an office.

The essential features of the breast implant is similar to all previous saline implants, except that it has a small rubber tubing with a one way valve that can be used to inject more fluid or decrease the fluid from the implant.

Both the implant and the rubber tubing are implanted during the surgery. The runner tubing is tunneled underneath the skin and located most commonly in the armpit crease.

For women who are satisfied with their breast implant, the rubber tubing can be removed in the operating room. For those who are unsure about the breast size, the rubber tubing is left in the arm pit.

The small plastic tubing is not visible to the naked eye but can be felt underneath the skin.

The volume of the breast implant can then be re adjusted in the surgeon's office. When the size of the implant is optimal, the small tubing can be removed under local anesthesia. The implant remains intact and the valve immediately seals off.

The spectrum breast implant has several advantages and can be used by women who:

- after a mastectomy want a matching breast of the right size

- correct any breast unevenness

- are not initially able to have a large breast implant because of lack of skin coverage. The spectrum can the be inserted and the volume progressively increased

- model and want different size breast for different situations

- correct any congenital birth defects

The "Spectrum" 1400 style can also be used as a regular implant. It has been a dependable and long-lasting implant.

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