The Truth About VelaShape

VelaShape is the latest device used for the treatment of cellulite and reduction of body circumference. The device is FDA approved for use in North America

VelaShape is a non surgical treatment to reduce the circumference of the body/thigh and remove cellulite. It has the greatest benefits when applied to the buttocks, thigh and hip areas

This novel method combines light energy (combination of radiofrequency and infra red waves) plus negative pressure applied with a suction device to the tissues. The tissues are massaged with a roller and the suction is applied at the same time.

The combination of light energy and pressure mobilizes the fat into liquid particles which are then carried away by the lymphatic vessels.

The final result is a reduction in the circumference of the body part and a smoother and tighter looking skin.

The treatment protocol involves 4-6 sessions initially over a 4-6 week period. After the initial series, maintenance treatments will be needed each month.

The vendors of VelaShape claim that all individuals are eligible to undergo the treatment. Any individual who wants to improve their body shape or has excess cellulite is a candidate.

However, the vendors forget to mention that the treatment is temporary and maintenance treatments are required every month. And the treatment is not exactly cheap.

Judging from the number of individuals who have complained about their expected results, it appears that only the providers have benefited, financially.

Even though there is a lot of hype about VelaShape and its effectiveness, there are certain individuals who should not undergo this treatment. These individuals include:

- anyone with an acute skin infection

- anyone prone to skin trauma or easy bruising

- individuals who are taking blood thinners

- diabetics

- individuals prone to developing blood clots

- females who are pregnant

- females who are breast feeding

- any individual with pace makers or other implanted heart devices

- individual with metallic prosthesis for their joints, clips placed for aneurysms

Final advice

VelaShape is just another one of those hyped up treatments to reshape the body and remove cellulite. Judging from the individuals on the internet who are complaining about the ineffectiveness, should lead one to be cautious about this therapy.

If only high intensity light can dissolve fat, then all people living in the Middle East would be slim and trim by now. Infact, the Middle East has some of the most obese- out of shape individuals in the world.

And there is no type of massage whether physical or mechanical which can dissolve fat. This borders on ludicrous. If one believes that applying vacuum to the body will dissolve fat then a visit to the psychiatrist may be a better option than undergoing VelaShape treatment.

So before you waste your hard earned money on a questionable therapy, be informed and talk to people who have undergone the therapy.

For the moment at least, walking, eating a healthy diet and regular exercise is cheaper, safer and a better alternative to losing cellulite and reshaping your body

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