VelaShape Facts

VelaShape is a novel FDA approved method of reducing the circumference of the thighs and also helps reduce cellulite. The VelaShape therapy has been reported to contour the body by removing cellulite and improves the aesthetic image of the thighs.

Because cellulite is a common occurrence in more than 80% of females, it is believed that this novel non-surgical procedure will help reduce the thigh and abdominal circumference as well as reduce the cellulite.

VelaShape therapy combines both radiofrequency waves and a mechanically assisted vacuum massage therapy in reducing the body cellulite. Its major effects are on the deeper tissues of the body.

The treatment is non invasive and has no downtime. The treatment is performed as an outpatient in a physicians' office.

The vendors of the therapy claim that most individuals can obtain significant results after as few as 4 sessions.

European studies indicate that the treatment is safe and painless.

There are claims that the treatment can reduce the thigh circumference by at least 2-4 cms in most individuals.

The VelaShape device comes into two sizes. The larger size applicator can be used to treat the thighs and buttocks and the smaller applicator can be used to treat the arms and the hard to reach areas of the body.

VelaShape can be used to:

- reduce the circumference of the thigh and abdomen

- reduce cellulite from any part of the body

- recontour or reshape the body

- in combination with liposuction

- remove the excess fat and cellulite that commonly occurs after a pregnancy

Other related benefits of VelaShape include:

- improved circulation of the blood

- decrease in the muscle aches

- decreased joint pains

- firmer and tighter skin

- improved tone of the body tissues

- better image and enhanced self confidence

VelaShape can be used to reshape and improve the following areas of the body:

- Abdomen

- Thigh

- Waist line (Love handles)

- Buttocks

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