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Over the past few years, a number of non surgical methods have been developed to treat cellulite. The latest method is VelaShape. This novel method not only removes the cellulite but also reshapes the body.

The major benefits of VelaShape include no downtime and the procedure is painless- akin to a deep massage.

Advocates of this therapy claim that with a few sessions, one can reduce the cellulite, the circumference and recontour the body shape.

VelaShape is now approved by the FDA to treat cellulite. The secret behind the success of VelaShape is the unique ability to reduce the volume of fat in most areas of the body.

Each session of VelaShape lasts about 30-40 minutes and has been shown to be most effective when applied on the thighs, abdomen and buttock areas.

The method whereby VelaShape works is with the use of radiofrequency waves using special beams. These radiofrequency beams are applied to the body and generate heat which mobilizes the fat ? resulting in a tighter skin with a smoother and younger looking figure.

The VelaShape device has two types of applicators which generate the radiofrequency waves. The devices can be used on larger surfaces of the body like the abdomen or the buttocks or smaller areas such as the love handles.

The manufacturers of the device claim that improvements can be seen following the first session. Anecdotal reports indicate that after the first treatment, the skin may feel tighter, smoother and soft.

There are others who claim that cellulite reduction and a decrease in the circumference of fatty areas occur after a few sessions and may take 4-6 months to become apparent. The decrease in circumference is variable and reports indicate that many individuals can decrease the size anywhere from 1-3 cm.

Progressive improvement in the skin tone continues with time.

The vendors of VelaShape recommend the therapy for all individuals. VelaShape has been shown to be safe and can be used to treat women of all races and skin colors. Todate no long term side effects or complications have been reported with this therapy.

VelaShape treatment is not painful and mimics a deep skin massage. The massage is done with the device with generates radiofrequency waves into the body tissues. The degree of pressure on the skin can be varied and adjusted so that it is tolerable. After the treatment, most individuals complain of a warm sensation. This warm sensation may last anywhere from 2-6 hours.

Some individuals do develop a reddish patch which is non tender and can last a few hours.

VelaShape is not a permanent cure for cellulite or body reshaping. If one does not watch his/her weight or does not exercise, the body will revert back to its original shape and size.

Maintenance treatments are required to maintain the cosmetic benefit. Reports indicate that the results of VelaShape last a few months and repeat treatments are required several times a year.

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