VelaShape Side Effects

VelaShape is a relatively safe treatment. It is associated with minimal side effects and complications.

The treatment may cause some redness after treatment. This may last anywhere from 2-4 hours and is painless.

Some individuals do complain of a pinching sensation but this is most commonly due to a break in the circuit and possible high intensity treatment.

Other individuals do complain of a warm sensation which may last for a few hours.

Bruising is also another side effect which is commonly seen around the buttock and thigh area. This may be due to use of excessive pressure and vacuum suction. Individuals with fragile skin are prone to these complications.

In all cases, the bruising resolves in 7-10 days after the procedure.

In rare cases, skin blisters may occur. These blisters usually occur on previously damaged skin. The blisters usually subside and an occasional scar may occur.

Infections are unheard of with VelaShape unless the skin was previously broken down.

Immediately after treatment with VelaShape, the treated area usually appears red for a few hours. Except for a sensation of warmth around the area, the treatment is not associated with any other symptoms.

VelaShape is not a permanent cure for cellulite or body reshaping. It is only a temporary measure and all individuals will require maintenance therapy to maintain the cosmetic benefit.

It is highly recommended that the individuals who undergo VelaShape start an exercise program and have a balanced diet to augment and potentiate the effects of VelaShape.

In general, VelaShape maintenance sessions are required anywhere from 6-8 times a year.

VelaShape treatments are by no means cheap. For a treatment which has no guarantee that it will work, the price is considered exorbitant. The average cost per session of VelaShape varies from $ 200-400. There are costs based on packages which run for about 800-1500$ for 4-6 sessions

The cost of VelaShape is not covered by Insurance because it is considered cosmetic.

VelaShape is only one of the novel therapies designed to treat cellulite. The other alternatives to VelaShape include:

- liposuction

- Mesotherapy

- Endermology

- Ionithermie.

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