What is VelaShape

VelaShape is a newly FDA approved method for the treatment of cellulite and improving body contours. The method utilizes a combination of radiofrequency and infrared waves to generate heat. The heat generated in the tissues is responsible for dissolving the cellulite and decreasing circumference of the thighs.

The intensity and duration of the waves generated are controlled and safe. The heat energy generated is safe and does not lead to burns or scalding of the skin

The device has several safety features which prevent damage to the skin.

This includes:

- A cooling tip at which prevents the heat from damaging the skin.

- A temperature monitor probe which provides continuous feedback about the skin temperature and prevents over heating

- A safety valve which prevents the radiofrequency waves from being accidentally released

Besides the radiofrequency waves generated on to the skin, there is also a vacuum device attached to a specialized set of rollers.

The rollers are gently moved on to the area of the body and the vacuum is applied. At the same time, the device generates the waves to the underlying tissues.

Each VelaShape treatment lasts about 30 minutes. Several parts of the body can be treated in a single session.

The most common body parts treated with VelaShape include:

- the buttocks

- thighs

- neck

- upper arms

- abdomen and waist

Most users of VelaShape see some results after 3-6 treatments. Each treatment session is spaced 7-10 days apart.

Reports from Europe indicate that some individuals can lose anywhere from a few cms to a few inches of thigh circumference. The end result is smoother, fresh and much tighter looking skin.

VelaShape works by combining both heat and massage therapy to metabolize the fat. The movements of the rollers on the tissues breakdown the fat and stimulates the lymphatic vessels to remove the fats. Further the heat generated from the radiofrequency waves further breakdown the fats making it easier to mobilize it.

With time the fat pockets are reduced and the excess fluid generated is drained away by the lymphatics.

VelaShape is a safe treatment and no major side effects or complications have been observed.

There is no pain associated with the treatment but the site where the tissues are treated may appear red for a few hours afterwards.

The majority of individuals resume normal daily activities the same day

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