Diet and Psoriasis

There is a lot speculation about the role of diet and psoriasis. The reason for this is that psoriasis is a life long illness and there is no cure. This desperation has led individuals with psoriasis to turn towards other avenues for treatment, hoping for a miracle cure. Some go for alternative care, some go for homeopathy and many turn to diet to see if there a remedy in there. Every single day diet fads appear claiming to be the cause or a cure of an illness. Diet vendors have become manipulators of the desperately sick individuals giving false hopes and empty promises.

There has never been any link between psoriasis and diet. Psoriasis has been known to humans for over 2000 years and every culture has tried to manipulate diet to rid of the disease. If changes in diet were responsible for psoriasis, then the disease would have been eradicated by now. Or at least there would have been some individuals (or even one) who could claim that their psoriasis was cured by diet. So far there are no takers.

The internet is full of diets for psoriasis. All claim cures by eating fish products and eliminating meat. The majority of these diets are hoaxes with no scientific data to back them up. For every disease, there are at least 100s of diet posted on the internet and the same thing applies to psoriasis. Some even advocate individuals to stop their drug therapy and eat certain diets. Some diets go to extremes, recommending rare minerals, herbs, roots and low calorie diets.

The omega 3 fatty acid diet has been claimed to reverse a lot of disease. Twenty years later, there has been no evidence to link omega 3 fatty acids to psoriasis. There is no proof that eating fish can either alleviate or cure psoriasis.

When it comes to diet, eating a healthy diet consisting of less meat, drinking more water and eating vegetables is not only good for psoriasis but for the whole body. This simple common sense approach may not cure your disease, but at least you will be rest assured that the foods you eat are not bad.

If you are very concerned about diet, make a note of your foods and see which diet makes the psoriasis worse, if it does, omit those foods.

Because psoriasis causes drying and scaly skin, drink fluids, keep well hydrated. Besides controlling your diet, rest and avoid stress. While you're at it, get regular exercise.

There is no such thing as psoriasis diet. Make your own diet and as long as it is well balanced, it will be good not only for psoriasis but also good for your mind. Never let desperation make you gullible to illusive and fraudulent curative diets.

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