Itchy Skin

Skin itching is a common ailment. In most individuals it is a harmless sensation which lasts a few seconds. In others the itch may be prolonged and associated with a skin disorder. Skin itch has numerous causes and most are easily treatable. The most common causes of an itchy skin include:

- cold or hot weather

- dry environment (low humidity)

- prolonged use of air conditioning

- excessive bathing or showering which washes off the skin oils

- skin disorders like psoriasis

- dermatitis –which is basically dry skin with an itch

- infections such as lice, mites

- viral infections- chicken pox

- medical disorders- liver or kidney failure, hypothyroidism, cancers

- allergies to drugs, chemicals, metals, plants

- pregnancy

In most cases, the skin itch may be associated with the following findings:

- scratches or excoriations

- red patches

- blisters or swellings

- dry skin

- scaly skin

- rough texture of skin

Skin itch can be trouble some in some cases and it is important to find the cause so treatment can be initiated. There are numerous treatments for skin itch and they range from cool compresses, moisturizers, cool baths, wet dressings and medications.

Final Advice

In some cases, it is important to see a physician to treat the itching condition. A visit to the doctor is recommended if the itch:

- fails to respond to conservative home care therapy

- the itch is prolonged for more than 2-3 weeks

- the itch is associated with fever, blisters, and pain

- there is weight loss, fatigue and lack of sleep

- may be due to a infection, lice or mite

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