Mole Prevention

Unfortunately one cannot prevent moles but one can prevent them from becoming cancerous. There is no ideal method to prevent cancer from moles but the risk is significantly decreased if the following precautions are undertaken:

- Become familiar with your skin mole, location

- Be aware of the skin lesion on your body and regularly check it

- If you have a family history of skin cancer, a physician must examine you every 2-3 months

- Sometimes cancers can also occur in non sun exposed areas- so check other areas of the body as well

- Get a mirror and look at the back, some dysplastic nevi on the back frequently turn malignant

- Avoid the sun, but if you cannot- wear protective clothing. There are some clothing available today which are made of special fabrics that can block UV light

- Wear sun screen (SPF>15) for outdoors and use it regularly

- See a doctor if the mole is peculiar and suddenly starts to grow.

What should I look for when examining my moles?

Not all moles become cancers and the majority should be of little concern. It you have had a mole for a long time and if it has not changed, one should not be too worried about it. However, one always has to be aware that moles have the potential to turn into cancer.

Moles that appear after the age of 20 and are different from other existing moles should be checked out by a physician. The signs and symptoms that may indicate an abnormal mole are:

- change in the shape

- change in of the mole

- change in size

- change in height of the mole

- if the moles starts to bleed, itch or become dry

- if the mole becomes painful

- increased itching

- the presence of a scaly or crusty lesion

The best prevention is awareness. If there is any doubt about the status of your skin lesion, a visit to the dermatologist is highly recommended.

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