Prevent Athlete's Foot

Athlete's foot is an annoying disorder and cure can be difficult. The best cure for the infection is to try and prevent it. The most appropriate methods of prevention are:

Dry feet: The fungi love to grow in moist environments and thus it is essential to keep the feet dry. The toes and the soles must be dried before you wear any shoes. When at home keep the feet open to air. Fungi prefer wet environments so it is essential that you do not have wet feet all the time.

Nails frequently get infected when they remain moist. So it is essential to completely dry the nails after a shower. One may apply powder to ensure that the nails do remain dry. One may have to apply a powder 2-3 times a day to keep the nails clean and dry.

Clothing: Avoid wear tight restrictive socks which provide no aeration and collect sweat. Wear cotton socks to help absorb the foot moisture.

Clean: Do not wear dirty soaks again. If you do not have a clean pair, it is best not to wear any rather than putting on the dirty pair again

Keep your soaks and towels clean and dry. Fungi can even remain viable on wet clothes.

Change your socks 2-4 times daily if you sweat a lot

Shoes: Avoid wearing tight shoes which confine your feet. Wear shoes which are comfortable and allow aeration. The most important thing is to wear a dry pair of shoes. Sandals are preferred if one is at home.

Injury: Protect your feet from injury because fungi are able to penetrate broken skin. Acquiring fungi infections from injured nails is common. When trimming the nails do not become obsessed and trim down to the nail bed.

Powder: Use some type of medicated powder to keep your feet dry. There are various anti fungal powders and these should be used regularly. Apply a medicated powder daily at night

Sharing: Avoid sharing shoes or sandals from other people especially at swimming pools or in gyms. The same applies to all other foot care materials like nail clippers, socks or creams.

When drying yourself, start from the body and dry the feet last. Fungi can spread from simple towel drying.

Nail care: If you services of a salon for nail care choose one where sterility is maintained and where the instruments are properly washed. Acquiring infections from spas and parlors is not unheard of.

Diabetes: Fungi thrive in conditions where the sugar is high. Control your blood sugar and take your medications. Get your blood sugars checked frequently to ensure that it is well controlled.

Smoking: Many individual who do develop fungal infections are smokers. Smoking is just not good for anyone. So quit smoking.

Athlete's foot can be a trying condition but it can be prevented with simple common sense measures. Preventing this disorder is well worth all the above efforts.

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