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Pubic hair can be a real nuisance. In our aesthetic society, most women want hair out of their bodies and removing hair from the pubis is on top of the list. One of the ways to remove hair from the pubis is shaving. Shaving is a lot easier anywhere else in the body but the pubis. The hair in the pubis is always curly and coiled and this makes it harder to shave. Hair in the pubis also has a great tendency to become ingrown and this makes it more difficult to remove it. The best way to make shaving effective for the pubis region is:

- Do not use an electrical razor

- Try and use a regular razor with a fresh blade. Old razors can cause nicks and scratches. Most modern disposable razors are relatively easy to use and safe. There is absolutely no difference whether you use a double edged or a triple edged razor. The price of the razor is also irrelevant.

- If the hair is long, trim it with a scissor before shaving. This avoids clogging up the razor blade.

- Apply lather with soap or a shaving cream to the pubic area and then use the razor. Never shave without lathering otherwise you will have a very negative experience (razor burn). Lathering makes shaving easier, less painful and more effective. There are many shaving creams available. Since some may have allergies to lather products, always buy a smaller product first and test to make sure you are not sensitive to it.

- Always use warm water to shave; cold water usually makes the hair difficult to remove.

- When shaving use your free hand to apply counter traction to the area and shave against the direction of hair growth.

- After rinsing, a second shave may be required.

- Because shaving causes an itch, one should apply a moisturizing cream after the shower. There are numerous moisturizing creams available and any one will do.

- There are no absolute rules when to shave; shaving is done when you have the time and the best time is when you shower

What are disadvantages of shaving?

The side effects of razor are minor and include:

- Itching

- Razor burn, esp. with old razors

- nicks, scratches, cuts

- blistering or pimples due to excessive traction on the hair- usually with old razors

- A mild infection called folliculitis. This occurs because the shaved hair starts to grow back into the skin causing irritation

- Shaving is only a temporary solution and regular shaving is required to maintain a hairless pubis

- cost is moderate due to razors, shaving creams, ointments

- time consuming

- hair does grow back

- allergy to shaving creams

What are advantages of shaving?

Shaving is fast, cheap and effective. It can be done anywhere, anytime.

Misconceptions about shaving:

- hair grows faster and thicker- this is false because shaving does not change the hair cycle or the texture of the hair

- Shaving causes ingrown hairs- this is false, ingrown hairs is an inherent tendency in the hair to grow in a coiled fashion and grow back into the skin. Shaving does not cause ingrown hairs.

- Shaving can treat sexually transmitted disease- this is false. All sexually transmitted disease require medical therapy.

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