Severe Cystic Acne

Severe cystic acne cannot be treated with over the counter products or medicines. This type of skin disorder needs a physician who is experienced in the treatment of severe acne disorders. Severe acne is rare but if you do have it, it is devastating both physically and psychologically.

The acne is severely disfiguring and can have a profound psychological effect on that person. The majority of individuals develop low self esteem and lead a solitary life. In our aesthetic looking society, severe acne can lead to loss of job opportunities, lack of friends and more importantly to depression.

Some large acne cysts do not respond to medications; these generally need some type of drainage or an extraction procedure by a dermatologist. It is highly recommended that those individuals who do develop severe acne not muck around with it at home or having their neighbor treat it. Severe acne is very prone to infection and can worsen the resultant scars. For severe acne, it is best to be managed by a dermatologist.

There are several types of severe acne:

Acne Conglobata

Acne Fulminans

Gram-Negative Folliculitis (nodulocystic)

Pyoderma Faciale

Each of the above cases of severe acne can cause deep cysts, intense inflammation, extensive scarring and altered skin texture. The large nodules and abscesses of severe acne often rupture and, after healing, large ugly scars. The scars are deeply embedded (ice pick scars) and have large pits. These scars are permanent and disfiguring.

Severe acne requires a specialist to treat it. The treatment is complex requiring both medications and surgery. The treatment protocols are often long, requiring years of extensive skin reconstructions. Treatment failures were much more common in the past. Today, the story is different. With time, patience and compliance to therapy, the majority of the acne sufferers can have at least a respectable result.

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