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What can I do to at home for my Acne?

A common sense approach will help you avoid or prevent moderate to severe acne with good basic skin care techniques. These include:

Face washing: People tend to believe that the more money they spend on expensive soaps, astringents, rubbing oils and detergents, the acne will be prevented. This is false. One should avoid facial scrubs, astringents, camouflage creams and masks because these compounds can aggravate and worsen the acne. One should not become obsessive about washing and scrubbing ? this tends to further irritate the skin and cause dryness. The best approach is to use a bland soap and gently cleanse the skin. The wet face should then be gently dried with a soft towel.

Hairline acne: If you have hairline acne, especially on the front and the sides, shampoo your hair frequently. The type of shampoo is not of great importance. Baby shampoo will do just fine. All the expensive shampoos in elegant looking containers have no healing power. However, it is important not to scratch the hairline and keep the area clean and dry. One should not let hair fall on areas where there is acne.

Oily skin:
If you have excessively oily skin, one can buy a number of mild acidic products over the counter at any pharmacy. These mild acids include benzyl peroxide, salicylic acid or glycolic acid. All these acids can remove the excess oil and also act as mild peeling agents. One should test the chemical on the skin to ensure that you do not have any type of contact allergy. Using these mild acids daily for a short period will help prevent acne and keep the skin clean.

Anyone with acne should avoid all types of sun screens, oily and greasy cosmetics, creams, lotions and camouflage creams. All these products can block the skin pores and make acne worse and even irritate the skin. If you have to use skin products, try "water based" products which are always labeled as "non comedogenic".

Sun exposure: Unfortunately, the sun can make acne worse in some individuals. Excessive exposure to sun leads to sweating, oil secretion and even sun burns- all factors which aggravate acne. In addition, there are some acne medications which can make you very susceptible to the rays of the suns (photo toxicity) and one can develop a severe skin rash. One should always check with the physician if the medication has any adverse reaction to sun.

Avoid face contamination: Try and avoid dirty objects on the face. One should avoid resting the face on telephone receivers, mobile phones or different electronic gadgets. Keep the hair and face clean. If you sweat a lot, wash frequently with water.

Don't pick your pimples: No matter how unsightly the pimple is, avoid the temptation to pick and pop your pustules. This can cause severe scarring and disfiguring of the face. All pustules will clear up and there is no need to squeeze them.

There are some foods which have been linked to acne. So avoid lots of chocolates and stay away from spicy hot foods. Even though the importance of food is overemphasized in the cause of acne, there is no harm in avoiding excessively sweet and spicy foods. Eat a healthy diet- it is good for your overall health.

Dermatologist: If you has severe acne and have tried all conservative measures, go and see a dermatologist. Most dermatologists are well acquainted with this condition and will help you manage the acne without any sequelae.

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