Tatto Removal

Tattoo Removal

Millions of individuals get permanent tattoos somewhere on their bodies. After the initial excitement, a significant number realize that this type of body imagery is no longer fascinating and want the tattoo either removed or redesigned. Tattoo removal is big business and the art of tattoo removal is now being practiced by both physicians and non health care professionals. There are many techniques to remove tattoo but laser is fast becoming the method of choice for those who can afford it.

Techniques of removing tattoos

Methods for removing tattoos include:

- laser

- abrasion

- scarification

- surgery

What does laser treatment involve?

Lasers have been developed which can erase most tattoos. Most tattoo removal requires several laser therapy sessions over a period of 3-6 months or even longer. The treatments are not cheap by any means. Side effects of laser may include skin discoloration, allergic reactions to the chemicals released from the skin and mild to moderate pain.

What is dermabraison?

The technique of removing tattoos by rubbing/scratching the skin is called dermabraison. The materials used to scratch the skin include special cloth fabrics, wire brushes, sanding devices and diamond brushes. This technique is frequently used by dermatologist to treat acne scars. The procedure is painful and requires multiple treatments spaced over months

Dermabrasion is similar to a chemical peel and removes the surface layers of the skin. It generally leaves a scar and is not a good method to remove tattoos.

What is Salabraison?

Salabraison is a technique whereby a solution is used to remove the tattoo pigments. The solutions are mild acids and the technique is often combined with dermabraison. The technique only removes the most superficial temporary tattoo made from weak ink. It also requires multiple treatments and acts by causing the tattoo to fad with time.

What is role of surgery?

Surgery is a rarely used to treat tattoos. Only when the individual desperately wants the tattoo removed and all other methods have failed does surgery become an option. It involves excising the entire tattoo. If the defect can not be closed back, then a skin graft is required. One should seriously think about tattoo removal with surgery as the residual scars may even be more unattractive than the original tattoo.

What is camouflage?

Some individuals are unable to afford expensive laser treatments and thus camouflage may be an option. The tattoo can be injected with newer inks to tone down the tattoo. This is usually a longer procedure and when done correctly can hide the tattoo. It is not cheap by any means.

What is Intense Pulsed Light?

Intense Pulsed Light is similar to laser and acts by erasing the tattoo inks. IPL is more effective for erasing tattoos with bright colors and produces good results with deeper skin tattoos. The treatment is effective and expensive. Multiple treatments are usually required.

Final Advice

There are tattoo parlors all over the place catering to the business of tattoo removal. There are many techniques used to remove tattoos and not all are effective. Today. Laser is perhaps the best technique and works well. Before you embark on this expensive undertaking, read and be knowledgeable about your options. Choose a health care professional who is experience and performs tattoo removal with good anti septic techniques.

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