Waxing Hair Removal

Waxing is a common and effective method of removing unwanted hair. Waxing can remove hair from all parts of the body-both large and small. Unlike shaving, waxing removes the entire hair shaft from the skin surface. Waxing has been a common method of removing hair for both men and women and remains a good temporary method of removing hair.

There are 100s of wax removal products. There are two types of waxing techniques, warm and cold waxing. Both of these methods can be done at home using waxing kits. Warm waxing is more effective than cold waxing. For those who can afford it, waxing can be done in spas or cosmetic clinics.

Waxing generally leaves the skin hair free for 3-8 weeks and works best for the leg, stomach, brows, and upper lip.

Waxing can be done on:

- eye brow

- bikini

- genital

- legs

- arms

- neck

- chest

- entire body

- back

- nipples

Areas which should not be waxed include:

- ears

- nose

- eye lashes, eye lids

- soles of feet

Advantages of waxing

- long lasting 2-10 weeks

- can be done at home

- cheaper

- fast

Disadvantages of waxing

- a painful procedure and uncomfortable

- can be expensive when performed by spas or clinics

- do it yourself kits are real messy

- hair removal is not permanent

- hair removal is often not complete

- newer hair growth can often by multi directional

- ingrown hairs can occur

- skin rash, soreness after the procedure

- scarring

- change in skin color

Waxing is not recommended for:

- individuals who have a skin infection

- individuals who are very prone to bruising

- diabetics who are prone to infections

- those who have moles, or other skin lesions in the same area as the hair

- those with broken or scraped skin

Individuals who take oral Retinoids, should not undergo waxing as there skin is fragile and can easily tear. One should wait at least 1 year after stopping the drug before undergoing waxing.


Hair removal by waxing at spas and clinics can cost anywhere from $ 50- 150 and above, depending on the area and amount of hair to be removed. Home wax kits are available which may cost anywhere from $20-30.

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