Wrinkles-Soft Tissue Fillers

In the last 2 decades, cosmetic plastic surgery has made a lot of advances when it comes to the treatment of skin defects. In the past, skin wrinkles, scars and facial deformities were never treated and one had to live with the poor cosmesis. However, today we have a range of soft tissue fillers which can help resolve these skin defects.

Soft tissue fillers are basically "jelly-like" chemicals which can be injected in a liquid form into the skin and fill up the skin defects. The fillers can be injected either into the superficial or deeper layers of the skin. When properly done, the chemicals can help treat

- Fine facial lines

- Coarse wrinkles

- Juice or fill up the lips

- Fill up hollowed cheeks

- Elevate depressed scars and deep furrows

- Repair acne marks

- improve facial contour

- Erase double chin

The available soft tissue fillers are:

- Collagen

- Hyaluronic acid

- Fat

- Artecoll

- Alloderm

- Autologen cosmoplast

- Restylane

Each filler has its own unique advantage and disadvantage. Sometimes a few fillers may be combined to compliment the best result.

None of these dermal fillers are permanent and future injections are required to maintain the cosmetic effect. The durability of these products ranges from 3-24 months.

The dermal fillers basically replace the lost body components such as collagen and fat. Once injected, they regain the original contour of the skin and erase the lines or wrinkles. The final result is a smoother looking and youthful face.

The procedure is technical and selection of the best site to inject the dermal filler is important for success. These points are marked on the skin and the dermal filler is injected using a very fine needle. Despite what the health care professionals claim, injection of dermal fillers is not painless. There is a varying amount of discomfort with each injection.

The results are immediate and some areas may appear as bumps on the skin. However, with time the bumps will resolve and even out on the skin

None of the dermal fillers will give you a 100% improvement and none of them are permanent.

Sometimes the results are unpredictable and last only for a few short months. Some individuals do not have any response and some may have bumps on their face. Overall, the majority have a pleasing effect.

Injection of dermal fillers is done by both dermatologists and plastic surgeons. To avoid any unnecessary complications and get a decent result, seek your physician well. Read and ask around. Find a physician with experience. Expensive is not always the best when it comes to cosmesis

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