Wrinkling Treatment- CosmoPlast

CosmoPlast/CosmoDerm is human bio-engineered collagen that has recently been approved by the FDA for correction of scars and wrinkles. The product has been completely developed and grown in the laboratory and has minimal risks, is biodegradable and effective.

Both CosmoDerm and CosmoPlast are made from the latest bioengineering techniques. Like other dermal fillers, the product is also injected below the skin to treat fine lines and wrinkles on the face. It has also been used to treat acne scars.

By replacing the lost collagen, CosmoPlast provides support to the skin and nearby structures. It is also claimed that injection of CosmoPlast stimulates the body to make more it its own collagen.

Since the product is not made from any human or animal products, it has very little reactivity in the body and the chance of an allergic reaction is negligible. Because of the natural make up of this filler, it does not require a pretreatment allergy test. Since no allergy test it required, the product can be used on the same day as the consult.

Once injected, CosmoPlast provides a solid foundation for the overlying skin and erases the wrinkles. However, like all dermal fillers, the product also degrades in the body and thus the wrinkles and fine lines will reappear. It is estimated the CosmoPlast lasts anywhere from 4-6 months but this time period is variable. Some individuals have noticed the return of wrinkles within 2-3 months after injection.

In all cases, repeat sessions are required to erase the wrinkles.

The advantage of CosmoDerm is that it is a very thin product and does not produce large bumps when injected. Thus, it is excellent for use around the eyes, lips and mouth. It is probably the best chemical for removal of the very fine lines around the mouth.

Both CosmoDerm and CosmoPlast are injected just into the superficial layers of the skin. The compound rapidly fills up the defect and erases the wrinkling affect. Like all other dermal fillers, it adds contour and a smooth shape to the facial features. The injections are painful so ask your doctor to numb the area.

CosmoDerm is best used to treat the very fine lines on the face especially around the

- lips

- eyes

- nose

What is the cost for a CosmoDerm?

The cost for a CosmoDerm ranges from $400 - $700

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