Zeno and Acne

Zeno is a portable hand held device that has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of acne. This portable machine has a tip that can be heated to a set temperature. The device has incorporated a small microchip which can sense the skin type and the energy required to destroy the pimple. The tip is held close to the skin surface and the heat generated from tip is transferred into the follicle. The duration of treatment time is controlled by a digital timer. The tip only heats the follicle but does not damage normal skin.

Each treatment session lasts 2ᆱ minutes. The company recommends that 2-3 treatments be applied over a period of 24 hours.

Zeno is postulated to work by generating heat which destroys the bacteria on the surface of the pimple. By killing the bacteria, the pimple disappears. The heat from the tip does not burn or damage nearby skin, however, a transient small red mark is left on the skin.

Each zeno machine can be used for 90 minutes, once the 90 minutes are up; you need to buy another tip

The manufacturer recommends that Zeno be used for individuals with mild to moderate acne. No prescription is used to buy the machine.

The company makes claims that the device eliminates the majority of acne pimples within 24 hours.

There have been clinical trials performed by some physicians and the results were good enough to allow the FDA to approve the device.

Zeno currently sells for about $235.00 and the replacement tips cost $35.00. the device is not covered by any insurance plans. More information about the device can be obtained at www.myzeno.com.

Judging from the available reported data, the results are scant and conflicting. Before you jump and buy this device, talk to a reputable physician who is aware of the product. Sounds too good to be true.

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