Zocor Skin Reactions

ZOCOR is a prescription drug that is frequently prescribed for the treatment of high cholesterol levels. The drug has been round for the past 2 decades and is often a routine medication in diabetics, those with high blood pressure and in those individuals with a history of coronary artery disease.

It is an effective drug to lower cholesterol levels but must be taken for life. The drug is relatively safe and its side effects have been well documented. Its major adverse effects are on muscle. It can cause muscle breakdown and overall body pain. Most physicians are aware of this adverse effect and monitor patients regularly.

In a few individuals Zocor is also know to have an adverse affect on the skin. Reports indicate that the drug may cause:

- hair loss

- itchy skin

- development of nodules on the skin

- skin dryness

- discoloration of the skin

- deformity of the nails

It is not known if these skin effects are directly related to intake of Zocor or a coincidental finding. Zocor formulations also contain other additives such as cellulose, lactose, iron oxide, talc and starch. It may be that perhaps the individuals are reacting adversely to these chemicals.

Nevertheless, if the above skin effects are persistent after taking Zocor, the medication must be stopped. Today, we have other cholesterol medications which can be taken instead of Zocor. If the skin effects persist, a visit to a dermatologist is highly recommended.

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