Facts About Affirm Laser

After the Affirm laser treatment, most individuals develop a sunburn feeling for a few days. The skin may appear:

- red

- swollen

- bruised

These skin side effects are transient and usually resolve in 1-3 weeks. It is vital to stay out of the sun after laser skin resurfacing. All individuals are advised to wear a sunscreen when going out. Failure to adhere to these rigid precautions can result in a severe discoloration of the skin.

Unlike other skin resurfacing techniques like microdermabrasion or chemical peels, the downtime with Affirm laser is less, the side effects are minimal and the overall aesthetic results are significantly better.

However, affirm laser is also more expensive.

The results with the affirm laser are not immediate and no one achieves a 100% response. The responses are very variable among individuals. Most individuals require at least 4-6 treatments to achieve a visible response. In some rare individuals, there is no response.

It is claimed that the latest laser technology incorporated into the Affirm laser has a double cooling system which prevents the pain when the laser is fired.

The mechanism by which affirm works is thought to be due to stimulation of newer collagen which then causes remodeling of the lower layers of the skin and lead to a younger, smoother and a softer skin

Compared to other fractional lasers, Affirm offers:

- relatively painless treatments

- faster recovery

- shorter duration of treatments

Most patients have a complete recovery within 24 hours and are able to resume all their daily activities the next day

The vast majority of patients do not require even topical anesthesia because the pain is minimal.

Individuals who have undergone Affirm Laser treatments claim that their skin feels smooth, appears young and feels soft.

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