Intense Pulse Light Therapy

Like laser we now have a very similar light based system to treat a wide variety of skin lesions, Intense pulse light (IPL) is based on the same mechanism as a laser and functions just as efficiently in the treatment of pigmented skin lesions.

Today intense pulse light is being used to treat:

- aging spots

- moles

- freckles

- lentigos

- melasma

- birth marks

- sun spots

- telangiectasia

IPL is fasting becoming an alternative to cryotherapy, surgical removal, and bleaching creams.

Lasers have provided treatment options which in some cases have significantly reduced the risk of scarring or have provided an alternative when other treatment options are ineffective.

The IPL is a high energy beam which penetrated the superficial skin layer and is selectively absorbed by the pigmented cells underneath the skin. The energy generated by the light is then absorbed by the pigmented cells and causes them to fragment into minute particles. These minute particles are then removed later on by the body's scavenging systems

Once the IPL treatment has been applied, the lower skin layers re-organize themselves, resulting in tighter and smoother looking skin with no lines

IPL has some advantages overt other methods of pigmented skin lesion removal these include:

- shorter recovery time

- a faster procedure

- little downtime

- minimal side effects

There are no extensive prior preparations required before IPL therapy.

One should avoid a sun tan at least 4 weeks prior the procedure.

The area to be treated should be free of all cosmetic make-ups, creams and lotions prior to the treatment.

Individuals who have any recent skin infection or are on any blood thinning medications should discuss their case with the physician before undergoing IPL

During the procedure, the eyes are covered with special glasses

IPL treatment is not pain free and the beam of light does sting for a few seconds.

A treatment may take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour depending on the size of the areas being treated.

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