Smart Lipo Cost

Are you experiencing the middle age spread or gained the freshman 20 pounds? Are you having a ridiculously hard time getting rid those unwanted fat pockets? If so than Smart Lipo can help you to remove that unwanted fat with minimal pain. Smart Lipo cost is $5000 and an average procedure takes about one hour.

Smart Lipo can treat the following areas:

• waist

• chin (double or hanging chin)

• inner and outer thighs

• hips

• buttocks

• upper arms

• face (not around eyes)

• male with breasts

• back of neck

• pubic mound

This technique can remove localized fat with as much as 3500 mls of fat can be melted away at a single session.

The Procedure

Your surgeon will fill the targeted area with a saline solution. This solution will not only numb the site, but will shrink your blood vessels as well. The laser is inserted into the skin and heats the fat cells to 45 degrees centigrade, resulting in a breakdown of membranes and release of liquid fat. A small incision is made in the area and tiny tubes are inserted to suck out the dissolved fat cells. As the laser melts the fats, it also coagulates the loose ends of small blood vessels.

Compression garments are optional as the area will not bleed very much after the laser is removed. The healing-tissues do the rest of the work in contracting the treated area as well as the overlying skin.

For more information about Smart Lipo and Smart Lipo cost you should contact a cosmetic surgeon in your area. Whether its Smart Lipo or another cosmetic procedure, a doctor in your area can help you decide what treatment options are best for you.

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