StarLux Fractional Laser

One more Laser that has recently been developed to rejuvenate the skin is the Starlux device. This fractional laser system is a non ablative method to resurface the skin and has been used to treat a wide variety of skin disorders.

The most common skin disorders treated with the Starlux laser include:

- revision of acne scars

- erase sun spots

- reduce the signs of an aged skin

- remove skin lines and facial wrinkles

- diminish stretch marks

- decrease the intensity of melasma

- remove pigmented spots

After the Starlux laser therapy, it has been shown that the skin appears much tighter, smoother and younger looking.

The Fractional star Lux Laser device generates small beams of light on to selected areas of the skin. These microbeams penetrate the lower layers of the skin and stimulate the synthesis of newer collagen. In addition, the heat energy also stimulates the growth of more elastic fibers. The end result is filling up of the wrinkles with the newer collagen molecules and a skin which is tighter and smoother looking.

Starlux laser treatment is not a permanent cure to reverse the signs of an aged skin. At best, the treatment lasts anywhere from 9-18 months.

Not everyone responds to the treatment and only 50-70% of individuals show a response. Why everyone fails to respond to this laser remains a mystery.

Because Starlux is a fractional laser and only treats 20-25% of the affected skin during each session, multiple sessions are required. Most individuals require 3-6 sessions to obtain the full benefits of the treatment.

StarLux 1540 Fractional laser can be done with or without anesthetic. However, most individuals do prefer a topical anesthetic for about 30 minutes before the procedure and thus the whole procedure can be made very comfortable and done in about thirty minutes.

The Starlux laser treatment can be done on any part of the body but is most frequently used to treat the skin on the:

- face

- neck

- back of the arms

- chest

- back

- abdomen

The major advantage of Starlux laser is that it is a non ablative laser treatment. Unlike the ablative lasers, it has minimal side effects, has a faster recovery and minimal downtime. Even though the Starlux laser is not as powerful as the ablative lasers, the result are equally as good with a much lowered risk of complications.

The most common side effects of the StarLux fractional laser include:

- mild redness which usually disappears in 2-6 hours after treatment

- bruising-this may be very mild and easily camouflaged with make up

- Dryness. The skin texture may appear dry and a moisturizer may be beneficial

The cost of Starlux laser treatment is by no means cheap. Prices are variable depending on the area being treated and the number of sessions. Each session of Starlux treatment may cost anywhere from $ 300-400 and the treatment for a full facial can run into a couple of thousand dollars.

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