The Accent Laser

Last year the FDA approved yet another Laser treatment for use in cosmetic surgery. The Alma Laser company has developed the Accent Laser which combines light plus radiofrequency waves to treat a variety of skin conditions.

The Accent laser is presently being used to treat a wide variety of skin disorders including:

- facial lines and wrinkles

- acne scars

- acne Rosacea

- skin discoloration

- sun damaged skin

The Accent laser has a dual light mode therapy which includes both infrared and radiofrequency waves. Reports from Europe indicate that patient satisfaction from this laser is high and its use in aesthetic medicine will definitely increase over the coming years.

The Accent laser is considered to be less invasive, non ablative and relatively pain free. The hand held device can be used to treat skin lesions at different depths.

Accent laser therapy uses radiofrequency to treat cellulite and other fatty deposits. It primarily works in three ways. First, it heats underneath the skin causing fat cells to shrink. Secondly, it improves circulation to the area. And finally, it stimulates collagen production which makes the skin area look smoother, younger and fresh.

This dual light energy system makes it easier and safer to treat both superficial and deep skin lesions without causing side effects.

The hand held laser device is gently rubbed along the skin and rapidly treats the skin lesions. The company claims that the pain is minimal and the device is very safe.

The Accent laser, unlike previous lasers, has a cooling tip and is associated with minimal pain and better patient comfort.

It is claimed that the Accent laser is a novel non surgical method of producing the results of a face lift. Individuals who have been treated with the Accent laser claim that the skin tightening is striking and dramatic

However, before everyone jumps into a line to get this therapy, one should be aware that not all individuals respond similarly and no one gets a 100% response.

Accent laser for facial rejuvenation is often combined with other cosmetic treatments like:

- Botox

- Intense pulse light therapy

- Dermal fillers

- Laser fractional resurfacing

The most significant results have been claimed by physicians who frequently use this Laser in their practice. There have been no clinically randomized studies to prove any of the statements made by any cosmetic physician or the manufacturer of the Laser.

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