Thermage Cost

Cosmetic surgery to reduce fine lines, tighten skin and enhance your overall facial appearance can be accomplished by a non-invasive technique called Thermage. And the great news is that Thermage cost ranges between $900 to $4000 and the results last for up to six years.

The Procedure

Thermage uses radiofrequency heat applications that affect the collagen in the deep layers of the skin while cooling the outer layers enabling the surface skins' protection. Not only does the Thermage technique tighten your skin, but it also aids the body in reproducing collagen.

Benefits of Thermage Include

• No anesthesia

• Causes little pain

• No recovery time

• Minimal to no side effects

• Results can be seen within a few weeks

The benefits of this non-invasive cosmetic surgery are well worth Thermage costs and the results can last for up to two years.

There are numerous cosmetic surgeons in your area who can assist you with your cosmetic surgery needs whether it's Thermage or another procedure that you would like to have done, schedule a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon in your area today.

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